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Green Rose Organization

Quantum Life-Coaching™ & Professional Speaking

Welcome to the Green Rose Organization!  We are here to expedite Self-Actualization among our constituents and beneficiaries through the medium of education on various techniques, methods, and practical forms of application to ultimately empower such individuals to reach higher levels of personal function, capacity, and effectiveness.  Simply put - We want YOU to GROW!

Core Coaching Courses & Competencies (CCCC)

Character Enrichment Course

The Character Enrichment Course consists of multiple sessions designed to DEVELOP and REFINE a strong character base by focusing on 36 Key Characteristics that if internalized and exemplified, will lead to Self-Growth and Maturity.

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Personality Refinement Course

The Personality Refinement Course consists of interpersonal soft-skill training sessions structured around the Green Rose Quantum Coaching Model™ ( 7 Goals in 7 Life Domains Simultaneously ) creating balance in our Universal Men & Women.

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Emotional Management Course

The Emotional Management Course consists of various sessions and support-group style workshops designed to IMPROVE the regulation and MAINTENANCE of mismanaged emotional states ( i.e. Anger, Fear & Depression ). **Primary focus is Anger Management

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Belief System Change Course

The Belief System Change Course intertwines an extensive comprehension of Belief System, Value Hierarchy and other ESSENTIAL Change Processes & Procedures that can ENHANCE our Representations of Reality by modifying our various Internal Convictions.

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"In order for there to be GREAT change, we must start in the most uncomfortable of places. For the path to perfection is ALWAYS accompanied by GREAT resistance." - anonymous


"Preparing prisoners for society by providing a F.E.L.O.N. Foundation"

Fund a F.E.L.O.N. Project


The Fund a F. E. L. O. N. Project is a Green Rose initiative designed to better prepare our Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers, Aunts and Uncles, and all others who have fallen behind in society, for their inevitable (and sometimes all too fearful) re-integration from an institutional setting.

For all those who are willing and ready - we are prepared to offer every Human Being behind bars a chance to receive a Foundation to grow from.  We will:  Provide access to a specific type of Education that is easy to learn from.  Offer plenty of Love to lean on, as well as excellent Opportunities to ACT on upon release.  Most importantly, we'll teach the Navigational skills necessary to get to wherever it is that you need to be in order to lead a Happier, Stronger, more PRODUCTIVE and Confident life.

"Curious that we spend more time congratulating people who have succeeded than encouraging people who have not." - Neil deGrasse Tyson