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“For many years I requested of god to provide an ally to assist me in accomplishing His Will which for me is to motivate, encourage, and inspire the masses to take control of their lives. God answered my prayers when he guided me to Shawn Malzahn. (more…)

Darnell Williams’ Testimonial CEO, Magnet Ideas Inc.

“I believe in Shawn’s ability to engage in difficult conversations that will empower individuals to look closely at their lives. This is true from the onset of meeting Shawn. Over the years our (more…)

Caleb Springer’s Testimonial CEO, Bullhead Photography

“If you are serious about changing your life for the better, there is no better person to help you with this than Shawn Malzahn from the Green Rose Organization. Shawn lives what he teaches. He has (more…)

Jason Stephenson’s Testimonial CEO, Relax Me Online Australia Pty Ltd
Character Enrichment Course

The Character Enrichment Course consists of multiple sessions designed to DEVELOP and REFINE a strong character base by focusing on 36 Key Characteristics that if internalized and exemplified, will lead to Self-Growth and Maturity.

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Personality Refinement Course

The Personality Refinement Course consists of interpersonal soft-skill training sessions structured around the Green Rose Quantum Coaching Model (7 Goals in 7 LIFE Domains Simultaneously).

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Emotional Management Course

The Emotional Management Course consists of various sessions and support-group style workshops designed to IMPROVE the regulation and MAINTENANCE of mismanaged emotional states (i.e. Anger, Fear & Depression). **Primary focus is Anger Management

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Belief System Change Course

The Belief System Change Course intertwines an extensive comprehension of Belief System, Value Hierarchy and other ESSENTIAL Change Processes & Procedures that can ENHANCE our Representations of Reality by modifying our various Internal Convictions.

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Homegrown Business Startup Elective

The Green Rose Homegrown Business Startup Elective is probably the most straight-forward and comprehensively directed approach to starting your very own, ONLINE Home-Based Business without having to do ANY research at all! Just follow this "Cookie-Cutter Template", and DO IT YOURSELF in just a few short weeks!

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Professional Speaking Services

Schedule a Professional Public Speaker to give a POWERFUL presentation or workshop at a location of your choosing, or simply leave it up to us for an all-out AMAZING Motivational Experience that you'll NEVER forget! We are always looking for listeners and would love to Entertain, Educate and Elevate you and your targeted audience on your next BIG EVENT!

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Green Rose Marketing Services

Join the Green Rose Community and receive the benefits of increased EXPOSURE & Marketing Power by taking advantage of the many Business Tools we have to offer, such as: Website Development, Graphic Design (Custom Brochures & Fliers), Sales Consulting, Email Marketing & Social Media Management, Etc.

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Become an Online Coach & Mentor Elective

We believe that everyone has something to offer. This elective is designed to help YOU discover YOUR inner Skills, Talents and Abilities which can then be used to generate Profit simply by doing what you LOVE to do every-single-day, and then sharing it with others in a way that makes sense!

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Effective Role Modeling & Relationships Elective

We believe that proper Communication & Leadership Abilities are among the most important of characteristics responsible for forging DEEP and MEANINGFUL relationships with our fellow friends, family & neighbors.  Therefore we'll introduce several different components that influence these characteristics such as: Effective Role Modeling, Re-directing Negative Behavior, Re-enforcing Positive Behavior, Communication Techniques and Relationship Building Skills.

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