My Personal Philosophy is, "To everlastingly endeavor to seek Knowledge and understanding of Truth, while vowing to remain forever Curious."

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Thank you for taking the time to do your homework!  My name is shawn m. malzahn, but my friends call me "Mr. Curiosity", because I'm always curious about uncovering the mysteries behind, and exploring even further, the fundamental qualities of Human Nature.  Why?  Because I am on a Mission.  A Mission to develop the Macro-cosmic Mindset; a mind with such a profoundly intimate understanding in many facets of knowledge that it will evolve closer to the Ultimate Essence of Objectivity.  In the process, uncovering Natural Principles of the Human Dimension that are the keys to unlocking my Infinite Potential.  During the course of discovering these Truths, I will work diligently to develop strong values, beliefs and behaviors based on these correct Principles - Therefore elevating the effectiveness of my Human Capabilities!

"How does One know their path in Life until they have painstakingly traveled them all?
Simple, because ALL paths begin and lead to the same place - Self."  ~shawn m. malzahn

Over the course of my time on this planet I have bared witness to many different things that have drastically shaped and shifted my perspective of (what I thought at the time) was definitive reality; no one could tell me anything because "I knew it all", or so I thought...  That is until one day I woke up.  One day, after 10 LONG YEARS of agonizing drug addiction, 6 years of incarceration, 2 years of house arrest, a divorce, myriads of misdemeanors and thousands of dollars later - I woke up... I just woke up...  I realized that enough was enough, and that my life could not, and WOULD NOT continue to be like this anymore.  There had to be a better way.  There had to be a better way of dealing with the stressors and strains of everyday life, a way to manage my emotions, compulsions and impulses; a way to be FREE.

That's when I decided to make a stand.  That's when I decided to take back control of my life, to truly become a Master of my own Universe.  I vowed to undergo an oath, an oath to "Everlastingly endeavor to seek Knowledge and Understanding of Truth, while vowing to remain forever Curious." and so it began - my Epic Journey in Personal Growth and Development.

Over the years I have managed to accomplish and overcome many fantastic feats.  Just while incarcerated I managed to acquire the following:

J.U.C.P. Certified Instructor
The Joint Understanding and Cooperation Program is an Indiana Department of Corrections program designed to bridge the gap in communication between offenders and staff through a variety of effective techniques, including but not limited to:  Positive Role Modeling, Redirecting Negatives Behavior, and Reinforcing Positive Behavior.

Certified IDOL Office Manager
Successfully completed a 3000 hour IDOL Office Manager Apprenticeship Program as a Telecommunication Sales Representative.  Here I demonstrated excellent Creative, Organizational, Communicational and Leadership skills in order to advance through various sales campaigns and scenarios.  I received training and coaching from various Top Sales Professionals which ultimately helped me to assume the role of Research and Development Specialist alongside Business Development.

P.L.U.S. Graduate and Facilitator
The Purposeful Living Units Serve is an excellent therapeutic community comprised of various programs designed to assist the offender population in developing skills and knowledge essential to re-entry.  Throughout my experience within the PLUS program I have served the community in the following ways:

21 Laws of Leadership Facilitator
Presented and discussed John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” course to various offenders in the hopes of demonstrating practical ways to motivate one-self, as well as influencing others in a positive manner.

Spiritual Literacy Facilitator
Presented and discussed 26 Spiritual Principles for those seeking to alter their perceptions of reality in a healthier fashion. Worked directly with management to track and record attendance as well as the scheduling of make-up classes for those in need.

Anger Management Instructor
Taught various Anger Management techniques through developing a weekly support group style session that includes: Developing an Anger Control Plan, Cognitive Restructuring, Conflict Resolution, Deep Breathing, and Muscle Relaxation Methods.  I have incorporated multiple “anger exercises”, as well as additional material from various sources to assist the program by introducing a more hands-on approach to learning.

Resume Building Instructor
Assisted multiple individuals cultivate a refined sense of job preparedness by presenting and discussing various resume styles and functions, interviewing skills, and effective job searching techniques.  I have developed a mock interview simulation that has helped to provide a more comprehensive approach to learning.

Served as a Community Role Model by demonstrating good ethics in all affairs.  I lead by example as I continued to participate in all programs, abide by all rules and regulations, respected others and found creative ways to IMPROVE the overall quality of our culture.

Toastmasters Vice President of Education
Successfully navigated through the Toastmasters club hierarchy to the officers’ position of Vice President Education.  Was entrusted with a plethora of responsibilities that greatly impacted the overall performance of the club.  Among other tasks, I was primarily responsible for all scheduling, keeping of education progression records, submitting applications to our World Headquarters and ensuring that all members are well informed on club duties, policies, and procedures.  I was also the winner of our 2016 Humorous Speech Contest presented to an audience of sixty spectators.  Through the Toastmasters Organization I managed to acquire my Competent Communicator & Competent Leader credentials in only 8 months!

WPCI Prison Writing Contest Winner
The Women's Press Club of Indiana held a writing contest in 2016 that allowed aspiring writers to submit their most creative and compelling work in the form of either Essay, Poetry and/or Short Story.  My essay, "Ingredients for Success" just so happened to win third place among the other 160 competing contestants!  Here's what the judges had to say:

"This would make an excellent graduation speech.  It is as if you are speaking directly to a class of students.  It would certainly motivate me."


"Nice pacing, solid arguments and examples.  Knowledgeable in tone, well done!"

Miscellaneous Accomplishments
Over a two-year time-frame I studied various books pertaining to Science, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication, Relationships, Leadership, Motivation, Self-Help, and Business.  I wrote numerous speeches and presented them to small audiences, as well as a motivational series entitled, “Moments With Malzahn” which became the basis for my Character Enrichment Service.  Lastly, I worked diligently to develop and maintain healthier relationships with family, as well as form new empowering friendships along the way.

AFTER I was released from prison I was living in a homeless shelter over 360 Miles away from any friends or family.  I had NOTHING.  In just 6 SHORT months I managed to accomplish the following:

Business Development Manager
After days of walking back and fourth to the local downtown Public Library to access their free internet access and wealth of community resources, I landed a $40,000 a year job.  I wound up transferring my parole to my home state where I eventually relocated and began working as a Business Development Manager for a software solutions provider in "Corporate America". Keep in mind, prior to this my longest and best paying job held was as a Truck Driver making long haul deliveries across the country just before I got arrested; lasting only 3 1/2 months...  Other than that, every other job that I ever held was for minimum wage working like a slave for some big company just to make someone else's family richer and richer.  This thought alone was enough to make me want to quit my jobs in after only a matter of weeks, if not days, of initial employment (and in most cases that's exactly what I did).

CEO & President of Green Rose Organization
I did all the research, filed all the necessary paperwork and made all the follow-up  calls required to officially start my own home-based Life Coaching & Professional Speaking business.  I've built my own powerful website, developed all of my own marketing material, networked with all the right people and joined the Chamber of Commerce.  Presently I'm corresponding with the Bolingbrook Police Department, Valley View School District, East Moline Correctional Center as well as key Companies, Individuals and Organizations that can potentially aid the Green Rose in fulfilling it's mission.

Social Media Manager for Magnet Ideas Inc.
Through an Officers Training Session with Toastmasters International and a little help from the "Law of Attraction" I was fortunate enough to be united with a very unique individual to say the least; Darnell Williams, CEO and President of Magnet Ideas Inc.  Turns out, he is also a Life Coach with a passion just a great as mine, and upon introductions we became best of friends.  Darnell and I are now partners in a business venture that will (in due time) allow us to bring together all Life Coaches, Mentors and Self-Help Gurus alike under one umbrella organization - Teachable Moments.

Forthcoming author
Produced several chapters in my forthcoming self-help and inspirational books,  "Character Enrichment: The things that matter most" and "SUCCESS: From the Slammer to Sales", as well as myriads of other great empowering content such as: poetry, essays, and short stories that are full of life-changing experiences and acquired wisdom.

Forthcoming NLP Master Practitioner
Read several books on the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have begun digesting the Encyclopedia of Systemic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP New Coding in every effort to become certified as a NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Life Coach specializing in the realm of Motivation, Personal Change & Human Modeling.

Forthcoming Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS)
Read several books on the practice of Anger Management and have begun taking the necessary steps to become certified by the National Anger Management Association as a CAMS-I Anger Management Instructor.

And the list goes on...
I now have EVERYTHING back that I once lost, and some!  I must say that I truly owe all of my Success and Satisfaction to the creator, and that without this direct realization, none of this could have EVER been possible...  PLEASE, Do Not misunderstand where I am coming from here.  I am NOT in ANY way trying to come off as conceited, or to rub my accomplishments in the faces of others.  I am simply suggesting that if I can do all of this - then so can YOU!  If a 6 time Felon and Recovering Drug Addict with a LONG history of Anger and Depression can overcome and achieve all this (regardless of supposed societal circumstances and limitations) then SO CAN YOU!  Are you ready?  Is this what you want?  I sure hope so...

Because I am now ready to share with YOU - my secret.  I'm willing to pass on all of the distilled Knowledge, Understanding and Good Judgment that I have painstakingly accumulated over the past several years of Self-study and Soul-searching.  All you have to do is say YES - I'M -  READY!